Linah Technikon College Pty Ltd is committed to be a leading Educational service provider in Engineering, Business Studies and Health Studies.

Our Mission

To create a satisfying learning environment that seeks high expectations for success, skills & character development necessary to optimise students full potential to become responsible builders of their future and stewards of our world.

Our Vision

To be the best Technikon College in the world!

Start your journey to success

It’s a very exciting time to see what 2021 could hold for you with us. By choosing us, you’ll join bold and independent thinkers, get real-world experience, gain a global perspective and graduate ready to change the world. Secure your place with us: here’s what to do, how to do it, and when.

Admission requirements:

  • Orientating with all college rules, regulations & timetables
  • Fully completing registration form and returning it to registrar timeously
  • Two ID photos and certified ID copy
  • Minimum academic requirements for level applied for
  • Minimum instalment (includes exam fees and admission costs)
  • Proof of residence i.e. water and lights for sponsor (optional)
NB: Part Time Classes are available from 16:00hrs-18:30hrs daily & 9:00hrs -13:00hrs Saturdays
N1: Grade 9 Report is required.
N3: Grade 11 Report or pass in Maths & Science
N4: Grade 12/NSC/N3 Certificate
All National Certificates and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Higher Education & Training All NCV/N2/N3